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What is Potter’s Pottery?


Potter’s Pottery is a fun, yet relaxing place where you can select and then paint your own ceramic or pottery piece.  Whether you are one month old or 100  – Yes no matter what age you are – at Potter’s Pottery the inner artist will awaken.


What can a baby do?


All your baby needs to do is be adorable and supply his feet, hands or bottom to paint.  You can paint them onto a plate or another ceramic piece of your choice.


Do I have to be an artist to paint my own pottery?


Definitely not!  We have tools to help you bring out your creativity.  We have stencils, rubber stamps, and sponges.  There is also friendly and supportive staff to help and teach you the skills necessary.  All you need to do is bring your creative ideas.




What is your selection of pottery?


We have a wide assortment of ceramic pieces to select from.  You may choose from animals, mermaids, fairies, rockets and other pieces good for children to plates, bowls, cups, vases, statues and other items for adults.


What happens if I don’t see a ceramic item that I like?


No problem.  We would be happy to order the ceramic item you would like from our supplier’s huge inventory.


Are the ceramic pieces safe?


Yes they are safe!  In fact, all our paints and ceramic pieces are non-toxic and lead free.  In other words, they are safe to eat food from.  They are also dishwasher safe.  So not only are your creations beautiful to look at, but functional, as well.


When can I pick up my creation?


We want to give each of your creations the attention it deserves.  Glazing and Firing does take time.  Turn around time is affected by seasonal demands.  Although, normally, a piece is available within one week.


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